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Welcome to THE FINALS Community Wiki! THE FINALS is a Free to Play, Live Service, first person shooter, developed by Embark Studios for PC and next-gen consoles. This Wiki is a collaborative effort that anyone is welcome to contribute to.. Wikis like ours depend on readers getting involved and adding content. Click the "EDIT" button at the top of any page to get started.ǃ

The content of the wiki is subject to change as this is a live-service game, the current content is based off of the most recent patch

2.5.0 Patch Notes


  • Data Reshaper
    • Range increased from 5m to 15m
    • Target FOV decreased from 25 degrees to 12 degrees
      Dev note: to account for the increased range.
  • Stun Gun
    Dev Note: We’re aware of player frustrations around being stunned by the Stun Gun and are planning some changes to get it to a better place. However, these changes require more testing before we deploy them so it will be update 2.6 before these arrive.


  • Cloaking Device
    • Increased the activation cost from 14.2% to 33%.
      Dev Note: This does not change the maximum sustain time, but makes it drain faster when toggling it on and off too frequently. In addition to this change, we’re also investigating changes to the visibility of cloaked players, but these will not be deployed until the 2.6 update as they require more testing.
  • Mesh Shield
    • Decreased health from 1000 to 750


  • KS-23
    • Bullet dispersion reduced when jumping, sprinting, or zoomed in, to make the weapon more accurate


  • AFK/Idle rule enhancements
  • Added detections for software such as cheat tools and injectors, leading to suspensions
Feature Description
New Gamemode POWER SHIFT - It’s a casual 5v5 where you’ll compete to escort a physical platform through the arena as it rips through anything in its path.
New Map SYS$HORIZON - CNS has introduced a new map: HORIZON. It’s a glitchy, colorful cityscape that’s partially loaded with floating geometric shapes. You’ll have plenty to explore and a night-time mode that glows under a neon sun.step, around every corner could be a trap
New Weapons 93R (L), FAMAS (M), KS-23 (H)
New Gadgets Gateway (L), Data Reshaper (M), Anti-Gravity Cube (H)
New Medium Specialisation Dematerializer - Enables the user to create temporary holes in the arena construction
Better Matches League overhaul - The goal is to provide a much better quality experience when playing in the ranked tournament.
Private Matches You’ll be able to organize matches with a minimum of six friends to play Bank It or QuickCash.
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Current Tier: L3

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