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Welcome to THE FINALS Community Wiki! THE FINALS is a Free to Play, Live Service, first person shooter, developed by Embark Studios for PC and next-gen consoles. This Wiki is a collaborative effort that anyone is welcome to contribute to.. Wikis like ours depend on readers getting involved and adding content. Click the "EDIT" button at the top of any page to get started.ǃ

The content of the wiki is subject to change as this is a live-service game, the current content is based off of the most recent patch

1.10.0 Patch Notes

Mosey into Old West Monaco with a limited loadout and duke it out like the gunslingers and outlaws of the old silver screen! Is Monaco an Arena large enough for all of you? Only one way to find out.

We’re bringing back a fan favorite from the early days (of Beta): Single Round Tournament! In this game mode four teams enter the Arena at once and compete against each other in a single round. Add to this the brand new look of Monaco and the limited loadouts and it’s sure to be a show for the sponsors!

Cash in all the contracts to earn the High Noon Noir outfit! And don’t miss the opportunity to collect the Chamber Chum Twitch Drop!

See you in there, pardner!

Alongside update 1.10 we’re running our first Collaborative Community Event! We’re challenging all of you to collectively cashout $ in one week, and if you do it - you’re all getting a reward! :nama_hug: There might be a few lucky ones among you who’ll bring home a t-shirt as well… Join the Official Discord and check out #server-announcements in a bit for the full details!


  • Fixed an issue with the play again button where it was unavailable at unintended times
  • Lowered the time for when you can cancel an emote to 1.5 seconds from 3 seconds
  • Fix for an issue with the tournament screen which caused it to get interrupted if you were eliminated just before the transition happened
  • Fixed a bug where the camera could appear offset in the end of round screens


  • Fix for the mouse cursor disappearing when using the systems menu while in gameplay
  • Squad member offscreen indicator will now list name and health instead of a blue dot
  • You can now equip items directly from the store and equipment page
  • Fixed one of the issues that lead to multiple skins being equipped to the same gun Note: This issue has caused various error codes for our players, if you’ve frequently encountered issues with TFGE0000, TFSS0007 or other crashes/failure to launch the game please give it a try after updating and let us know on Discord if the situation has improved!


  • Update to the collision of the ground mesh on Monaco


  • Fixed more cases where the character deformation would look wrong in squad lineups, such as inwards knees
  • Improved character mesh deformations


  • General security updates


  • Various shadow quality improvements, especially on lower-quality settings


  • Optimized system memory usage of the game
  • Fixed a number of console-specific crashes, especially on Xbox Series S models
  • Various improvements to the performance of the game across the board

Known Issue

  • The anti-virus program “CrowdStrike” prevents players from being able to launch THE FINALS. If you’re running into trouble launching the game, please check if you have this software installed
  • The Glint Tint weapon skin is partially broken, resulting in a darker look than normal, we aim to solve this by the next update
  • The Smoking Guns splashscreen shows an incorrect end date and time. It reads “28th of February” but the event ends on the 7th of March
  • Las Vegas had issues with players being able to spawn under the sand, so we have disabled the sandstorm version of Las Vegas for now
Feature Description
New Cosmetics Reload and inspect animations, Emoticons, Gestures, Pets, Sounds, Watches
New BattlePass 12 pages of unlockable rewards for a total of 96 exclusive rewards and 29 free rewards.
New Progression 6 Mastery Levels per weapon, 6 Mastery Levels per gadget, 5 levels per ability
New Map; 2 variants Las Vegas - Test your luck and reach for the stars in the glitz, glam, and tight-knit gameplay of this glittering arena

- Don’t get lost in stinging sands! Seek shelter and glory in this Las Vegas map variant: Sandstorm - Tripwires & turrets: The environment can work for or against you. Traverse Vegas but watch your step, around every corner could be a trap

New Event Alien invasion - You’ll have to see this one to believe it. It’s outta this world!
Various Gameplay Changes and Balance Movement and animation fixes, controller optimizations, map changes, specialization fixes, weapon and gadget updates
New Weapon Introduced Throwing Knives to the Light archetype
New Gadget Introduced Vanishing Bomb gadget to the Light archetype
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Current Tier: T3

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