Monaco (officially the Principality of Monaco) is a sovereign city-state and microstate on the French Riviera, located a few kilometers west of the Italian region of Liguria on the Mediterranean Sea. The arena is set on the Rock of Monaco, part of Monaco City, one of the 4 quarters of Monaco.

Unlike Seoul, Monaco is more horizontally focused than vertically. The arena features parks, a Cathedral, and gardens, as opposed to high-rises and hospital complexes. Tournament matches on Monaco are sponsored by OSPUZE. The arena is officially named "Monaco 2014".

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Map Variants
Monaco Default Afternoon.jpg
A standard arena, ready for destruction.
Monaco DuckAndCover Afternoon.jpg
Our duck mascot has decided to crash the party and crush part of the arena.
Monaco SuspendedStructures Afternoon.jpg
Cashout stations are suspended high above the arena.

Points Of Interest

The Duck And Cover map modifer's effect on the Cathedral.
The Duck And Cover map modifer's effect on the Cathedral.


The cathedral, based on the Cathedral of Our Lady Immaculate, in the center of the map is the focal point of the map. The bottom floor has four spiral staircases in each corner of the cathedral and pews throughout in the middle. The second floor is has access to windows facing out every direction. On the north and south ends of the Cathedral there are ropes allowing for access to the roof. During the Duck & Cover map modifier, the building is removed and replaced with rubble.


The construction yard is located directly east of the Cathedral, with a clearing between the two locations. The building has five stories, with access determined by a single staircase on the far east of the yard. A Crane in the middle of the site provides a vantage point over a large portion of the map.

Royal Plaza

The courtyard is the most open space in the map, with long sightlines looking back towards the buildings in the Shopping District. The courtyard is surrounded on the west by a LCD screen preventing contestants from exiting the arena. There are multiple objects providing cover on the approach to the center of the Courtyard, from a generator, to waist high walls contestants can crouch behind. It also has a wide variety of interactable objects, such as Cannons, and raisable cover that can cover the center and flanks of the plaza,. This courtyard is based on the Place du Palais.


The villas are a handful of large buildings with access from the street. An alley runs behind these buildings below ground level and includes a vertical zipline for direct access to the roof. A portion of the alley runs underneath the adjacent road and leads to the park.

Shopping District

The shopping district makes up a large part of the arena, and has various multi-story buildings and alleyways.


This area features a few large buildings overlooking the cliffside and the royal plaza.


The cliffside is the southwestern section of the arena. The entire edge of the arena in this section is lined with guardrails to keep the contestants inside. The western portion contains a small garden, while the eastern portion has a small path leading through a rock tunnel on the side of the cliff.


This section covers the entire northern edge of the arena. It is a wooded area with small trees and foliage with a few small buildings. The west edge of the forest has a small staircase that leads directly to the Royal Plaza. This section of the arena sits lower than ground-level, so the entire southern border has a large concrete wall separating it from the adjacent road, and there are various staircases and ladders to traverse up to the road.

Residential District

The residential district borders the shopping district, and has a handful of large houses for contestants to fight in.

Pocket Park

This area is a small park next to the residential district on the east border of the arena. It features a fountain and a few shipping containers to provide cover.


The gardens on the south of Monaco are a place of relative tranquility compared to the rest of the arena containing multiple statues, gardens, and parks. This area is based on the St Martin Gardens and features 3D scanned assets of real life objects.


Twitter Teaser

Monaco was the first map for THE FINALS to be teased, with streets lined with the flag of Monaco appearing in the first game teaser published by Embark Studios on Twitter in November 2021.

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