Seoul, officially known as the Seoul Special City, is the capital and largest metropolis of South Korea.

Unlike Monaco, this arena is considerably more urban and sprawling, with multiple-storied apartment buildings, a mall, and a hospital. Tournament matches on Seoul are sponsored by ISEUL-T. This arena is officially named "Seoul 2023".

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Map Variants
Seoul Default Afternoon.jpg
A standard arena, ready for destruction.
Seoul UnderConstruction Afternoon.jpg
Part of the arena is currently under construction.
Seoul MovingPlatforms Afternoon.jpg
Vaults or cashout stations could be found on platforms moving around the arena.

Points Of Interest

Petronelle Plaza (Mall)

Named after OSPUZE's esteemed CEO Sofia Petronelle, it is a luxurious shopping plaza located right in the heart of Seoul. It is conveniently located right next to the 6° Of Freedom Residence, and Iseul-t Tower. It has five floors, with multiple shops, an indoor garden/plaza, a central elevator and two escalators, and rooftop access to 6° Of Freedom Residence via a zipline. The entire roof the the mall is composed of windows that can be broken.


The tower stands in the middle of Seoul, far above the rest of the arena. It is a major building for the Urban Lifestyle Brand, Iseul-t. It is inaccessible during normal gameplay, but it can be observed to have LED screens on the sides, and a rooftop terrace.

One of the arena variants for Seoul reverts the tower to still being under construction and enables contestants to access it, changing the dynamic of the match. When this variant is active, a second crane is present in the construction site, providing another vantage point over the arena.

6° Of Freedom Residence (Apartments)

This apartment block is located right next to Petronelle Plaza, it is a five story apartment complex with many rooms, and an open air courtyard design with a central walkway going between the courtyard on each floor. Behind the complex is a semi-walled off garden/plaza area with raiseable walls. A zipline in this plaza provides direct access to Petronelle Plaza, and a Jump Pad allows contestants to traverse across a gap to the Hospital.


This multi-building complex is the largest building in the arena. It is separated into two distinct buildings, connected via a destructible skyway. The building on the bottom most part of the complex is made up of operating rooms, a open air lobby area, two elevators, and a helipad on the roof. The upper portion of the complex is mainly made up of in-patient rooms, a cafeteria, and a single elevator. The outside portion of the upper complex has a garden/patio area, and an attached crane on the side of the building.

Data Center

This multi-storied building is part electrical station, garden, and is advertisement focused. On the bottom floor, closest to Petronelle Plaza, there is a large utilities room that runs down the entire bottom floor of the building. The southern most section of the building is only one floor, as above it is an open-air garden, and entries to the roof and second floor. The second floor is mostly open air, with an overview onto the first floor on the northern side of the building, and a catwalk that can access the third floor that leads to the roof. On the roof are several HVAC systems, and a giant billboard displaying THE FINALS advertisements.


Teaser of Seoul from the Closed Alpha trailer.

Pre-release Appearances

While not specifically highlighted in the Closed Alpha trailer, it was hidden within the trailer as an easter egg. Seoul was the primary focus of the first Closed Beta trailer, and showcased most of the arena, and its destructibility.

Embark's Inspiration

  • Seoul is Senior Environment Artist Joakim's favorite map.
  • According to the Embark Studios Twitter, the team visited Seoul in 2019, which is likely where they got the inspiration for the arena!
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